Thursday, December 10, 2015

Side Projects

Dartz is a handy darts score tracker, sign in with google and play 501.

I uploaded some side projects and fun/random programming exercises.

I also have github, but like bitbucket for the private repos

Golf Tourney

  • Runs a charity golf tournament. Complete with an  on-line auction that takes bids in real-time. It will also print invoices and bid sheets for use at the tournament.


  • Schedules activities with friends. Pickup basketball, or a night out. This won the 2014 Start-up weekend competition at Dalhousie


  • Set of slides for learning html/css. I do a presentation at Ladies Learning Code, Halifax. Also at L.O.V.E on Gottigen street

Scratch pad exercises

Dart scores

  • What dart sequences can you finish a game on? The player has to end on a double score.

Lotto Stats

  • What are the most commonly drawn numbers? There seems to be a high number of prime numbers in the results, but I have no idea why.

Fishing spots

  • A number of people fish at a camp, there are a number of locations and a number of guides. How do you group the people together so they have equal time on the locations with the guides?